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2019/07/26 第472期  |  訂閱/退訂  |  看歷史報份  |  寂天閱讀網

【編輯小語】 寂天講堂
【英語學習Plus】 希利爾湖:澳洲的粉紅色湖泊
【本月發燒書】 小王子The Little Prince【Grade 4經典文學讀本】二版
【好康情報局】 新書推薦《彩圖實境旅遊英語【彩圖三版】》

────── 節錄寂天講堂 「機場入境常用英文」

希利爾湖:澳洲的粉紅色湖泊 Lake Hillier, the Pink Lake in Australia

There is a lake on an island in Western Australia. It’s about 600 meters in length and 250 meters wide. It is called Lake Hillier, and it would be like any other lake if not for the fact that this lake is pink.

Lake Hillier is famous for its bright pink water. The first written record of Lake Hillier was made in 1802. That’s when a British explorer named Matthew Flinders stumbled across the lake on his way to Sydney. Can you imagine how shocked he must have been to discover a giant body of water the color of bubble gum?

Going for a dip in Lake Hillier won’t do you any harm, though the water might taste a bit gross. If you were to open your eyes while underwater, you’d see nothing but a thick veil of pink. It would almost be like swimming in a massive tub of stomach medicine. Another amazing thing about the water in Lake Hillier is that it maintains its pink color no matter where it goes. You can fill a container with it, and when you get home, it will be just as pink as when you found it.

Scientists haven’t decided on what causes Lake Hillier’s trademark color. Some believe that it’s the result of a combination of low concentrations of certain nutrients, bacteria, and algae in the water. Others believe that it’s caused by a reaction between sea salt and red halophilic bacteria on the lake’s shores. Perhaps we will never know for sure what gives Lake Hillier its peculiar color, and maybe it’s better that way. Maybe Lake Hillier should remain an unsolved mystery for future generations to puzzle over.

If you want to see Lake Hillier for yourself without flying all the way to Australia, try looking for it on Google Maps or other satellite mapping software. It’s hard to miss!

西澳大利亞州的一個島上有座湖泊,長約600 公尺,寬250 公尺,叫做「希利爾湖」,它和一般湖泊沒兩樣,唯獨湖水呈現粉紅色。

希利爾湖以明亮的粉紅色湖水聞名於世,最早關於希利爾湖的記載是在1802 年,當時英國的探險家馬修.弗林德斯在前往雪梨的路上,意外發現了這座湖泊。你能想像當他發現一大片泡泡糖顏色的湖水時,有多麼震驚嗎?




小王子The Little Prince【Grade 4經典文學讀本】二版(25K+1MP3)






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