Supercar Customiser: Yianni 極致膜幻超跑

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2019/07/09 第421期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱


Supercar Customiser: Yianni  極致膜幻超跑

by Lauren McCarthy



  Shortly after the Ford Model T rolled off the production line in 1908, Henry Ford reportedly told management, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Today, not only can you buy a car in nearly any color imaginable, but you can also customize it further by getting it wrapped in vinyl. Wrapping a car is often about more than the color. If you’ve ever seen a vehicle with a chrome shine, matte finish, or strange print, it was probably covered in vinyl. If you are interested in seeing the process in action, you can check out National Geographic’s Supercar Customiser: Yianni.
  In the UK, Yianni Charalambous has made a name for himself customizing high-end vehicles for the rich and famous. In this series, Yianni gives viewers an inside look into the trials and tribulations of personalizing cars to meet some interesting requests. At his shop, Yiannimize, the car wrapper and his employees cover a Range Rover in a sparkly red finish to match the bikini the client wears during body building competitions. They run into problems when a football club owner asks them to put the designs of the team’s home and away shirts on his Ferrari in order to connect with younger fans. Finally, watch the crew struggle when working on two Tesla cars, as their electrical system means their doors and handles close automatically during the wrapping process.
  Whether you are interested in design, are into fancy cars, or just love drama, there is plenty to enjoy in every episode. As you watch, perhaps you will come up with a crazy idea for how you’d wrap your own car.



vinyl n. 乙烯基(塑膠)
chrome n. 鉻合金
matte a. 消光的
finish n.(漆完拋光後的)成品表面
high-end a. 高檔的
trials and tribulations  艱難困苦
 tribulation n. 苦難
a fancy car  高檔車

1. roll off the production line  推出
the production line  生產線
‧The company’s first locally made vehicle will roll off the production line within a year.

2. so long as + S + V  只要……
= as long as + S + V
‧So long as you follow the company rules, you shouldn’t get into any trouble.

3. make a name for oneself  為自己打響名號
‧My goal is to make a name for myself within the next five years.

4. run into…  遭遇……(困難等)
‧We ran into difficulties in the early phase of the project.

5. come up with…  想出……(方法、點子等)
‧I’ve come up with a plan that will save you hundreds of dollars a day.


1. reportedly adv. 據傳聞,據報導
‧That country is reportedly going to wage war on its neighbor.

2. management n. 公司的管理高層(不可數);資方
‧After a three-week strike, the management agreed to give the workers pay raises.

3. imaginable a. 想像得到的
‧I’ve done everything imaginable to lose weight, but nothing works.

4. wrap vt. 包,裹住
‧Ian wrapped the broken vase in newspaper.

5. personalize vt. 個人化
‧Wendy personalized her backpack by writing her name all over it.

6. competition n. 競賽,比賽
‧Jill entered a beauty competition and finished third.

7. struggle vi. 掙扎;努力,奮鬥
struggle to V  努力∕奮力(做)……
‧Larry struggled to walk after the doctor removed the casts from his legs.

8. electrical a. 電力的
‧That store sells a lot of electrical equipment and appliances.

9. automatically adv. 自動地
‧The device can be programmed to record all the TV shows you like automatically.

10. episode n.(電視影集∕連續劇的其中)一集
‧Which episode of that TV series is your favorite?

customiser n. 提供訂製者(英式拼法,美式拼法為 customizer)
‧A guitar customiser company with handmade designs is seeking to conquer the market.
以下介紹 customiser 的衍生字:
a. customer n. 顧客
‧I don’t know how to deal with difficult customers.
b. customize vt. 訂做
‧Valentino customized a dress for the movie star to wear to the premiere.
*premiere n. 首映(會)
c. customized a. 客製化的
‧The chef created a customized dish for patrons allergic to peanuts.
d. custom-made a.(衣服、鞋子等)訂製∕訂做的
‧Retailers have begun to offer custom-made jeans designed specifically for people who don’t fit into standard sizes.
e. custom-built a.(汽車、房子等)訂製∕訂做的
‧This custom-built sports car cost James an arm and a leg.
*cost (sb) an arm and a leg  花(某人)一大筆錢



  據稱,在福特 T 型車於 1908 年推出後不久,亨利‧福特告訴公司的管理階層:「任何顧客都可以要求將車子漆成任何他想要的顏色,只要它是黑色的。」如今,你不僅能買到幾乎任何你能想到的顏色的車,還能進一步客製化為它包膜。為一臺車包膜所關係到的不僅僅是顏色。如果你曾見過有著鉻合金光澤、消光烤漆或奇怪圖案的車子,它就很有可能有包膜。若你對於包膜的過程有興趣的話,來看看國家地理的節目《極致膜幻超跑》吧。
  在英國,雅尼‧查拉藍寶斯以為名人富豪的高級車客製化包膜而聞名。在這個系列節目中,雅尼讓觀眾一窺在客製化車子的過程中,為了要達成某些有趣的要求而經歷的磨難。在他的店 Yiannimize 裡,這位車子包膜師和他的員工為一輛路虎攬勝包上閃亮的紅色烤漆,以搭配這位客戶在健美比賽中穿的比基尼。在一名足球俱樂部老闆為了要和年輕球迷們有所連結而要求他們在他的法拉利上放上該球隊主客隊球衣的設計時,他們遇到了難題。最後,來看看包膜團隊在替兩臺特斯拉汽車包膜時所遭遇的困難吧,因為這兩臺車的電動系統在包膜過程中會將門和把手自動關上。

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