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2019/07/08第313期 |  訂閱/退訂  |  看歷史報份  |  LiveABC 官網

砍典撥剁 啁隞梁瑟€€寞隡嚗撣
撱嗡撓摮貊嚗 皜暹
望餌嚗 瘥乩€
瘣餃敹恍嚗 HIW+蝘摮詨撟
Troye Sivan: From Youtube to Pop Stardom

Troye Sivan has stolen the hearts of millions with his fresh sound and charming voice. But those aren€t his only talents. The YouTuber-turned-pop star also writes honest lyrics about relationships and love that his fans can easily relate to.
Born in South Africa and raised in Australia, Sivan began singing as a child, performing at local charity events and making it to the finals of a TV singing competition. However, it was his YouTube channel that sparked his rise to fame. Viewers loved Sivan€s funny, relatable videos, and by the time he was 18, he had over four million subscribers. One of his videos even earned him a Teen Choice Award.
Internet fame helped Sivan gain even greater notice. In 2015, he landed a record deal and produced the hit song €Youth,€ which made it to the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. His most recent album, Bloom, featuring the lead single €My My My!€ has been an even bigger success.
Sivan has also worked in film, appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Boy Erased. The song he wrote for the latter film earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song.


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2019/7/8 (銝€)

There’s nothing so humiliating as looking poor in the middle of a lot of rich women,” she said to her husband.

2019/7/9 (鈭)

She took great pleasure in knowing that she was the prettiest woman present.

2019/7/10 (銝)

Troye Sivan has stolen the hearts of millions with his fresh sound and charming voice.

2019/7/11 ()

Sivan’s musical talents and engaging personality have allowed him to build strong connections with fans all over the world.

2019/7/12 (鈭)

If you’ve ever cut or burned yourself, you know that dressing a wound can be as painful as getting one.

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