The Gorgeous Spectacle of the Tung Blossoms 五月雪紛飛

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2019/05/01 第413期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱


The Gorgeous Spectacle of the Tung Blossoms  五月雪紛飛

by William Ryan


  The flower of the tung tree occupies an important place in Hakka culture. Many Hakka in Taiwan once depended on the tree’s seed oil for income. Tung trees were first brought to Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period and cultivated in the island’s hilly regions near Hakka settlements. Glue-like and water-resistant, tung tree oil was in demand in furniture-making and boat-building. Cheaper synthetic products would later replace its use in these industries, and the tree’s economic importance diminished. However, tung flower blossoms endure as a unique and essential symbol of Hakka culture, reflecting deep, heartfelt gratitude towards the tung tree, the mountains, and nature.
  Each spring, from mid-April until mid-May, Hakka people cherish, celebrate, and share their cultural heritage. As massive amounts of white flower petals blanket the ground, the spectacular Tung Blossom Festival gets underway, bringing joy and renewal to all. Since its inauguration in 2002, the festivities have grown from a one-day event to a month-long, island-wide celebration, with millions in attendance every year. According to tradition, the occasion is a sacrifice to the guardian spirits on behalf of the Hakka people and also on behalf of the flowers.
  The main areas to see these flowers in bloom are in Miaoli and Taoyuan, and Dongshih in Taichung. These places are comprised of mountain trails that are not known for their accessibility. Not to worry. For those wishing to see the "May snow," as fallen tung blossoms are affectionately known, there are also numerous scenic trails and easy-access itineraries practically island-wide.
  Wander around the Hakka village of your choice, and don’t miss the festival highlightsampling the sumptuous culinary treasures and refreshments!

1. Which of the following is true regarding the historical and cultural importance of the tung tree among Hakka people?
(A) Hakka once farmed and sold the flowers of the tung tree.
(B) Hakka once sold tung tree seed oil.
(C) Hakka continue to grow tung trees.
(D) Hakka brought the tung tree to Taiwan.

2. Which of the following is NOT true about the Tung Blossom Festival?
(A) It takes place in April and May.
(B) The tradition includes a spiritual or religious aspect.
(C) The tradition dates back to the Japanese colonial period.
(D) It is attended by millions of people.

3. According to the third paragraph, what are possible drawbacks to certain flower-sighting areas?
(A) Some of them present minor inconveniences that should be ignored.
(B) Since the main flower-viewing locations are far from Taipei, they are not so convenient.
(C) Many of the main flower-viewing areas are located on private property.
(D) Poor access to mountain trails makes some choices less appealing.

4. What can most likely be inferred from the last paragraph?
(A) Delicious dishes and tasty treats are available at the festival.
(B) Some Hakka villages do not prepare food for the event.
(C) Many Hakka villages are off-limits to visitors.
(D) Most visitors to the festival prefer to forgo the food offerings.


1. gorgeous a. 美麗的
• I fell in love with the gorgeous girl at first sight.

2. blossom n.(開)花
in (full) blossom / bloom  (花朵)盛開
• Those cherry trees are in full blossom in early spring.

3. cultivate vt. 栽培(作物)
• The local people cultivate mainly rice and beans.

4. diminish vi. 減少
• The political influence of the former prime minister diminished with time.

5. endure vi. 持續存在
• Their friendship has endured for over 50 years.

6. gratitude n. 感謝
show / express one’s gratitude to / towards sb
• Larry showed his gratitude to Peggy for helping him land the interview by buying her lunch.

7. blanket vt. 覆蓋
be blanketed in…  被覆蓋在……內
• The roof of the small cabin was blanketed in snow.

8. spectacular a. 精彩的,奪目的
• Many people visit Yellowstone National Park for its spectacular scenery.

9. sacrifice n. 供∕祭品(常與介詞 to 並用)
• The locals killed a pig as a sacrifice to spirits during the Ghost Festival.

10. accessibility n. 易接近
access n. 入口;進入
• Two new roads are being built to increase accessibility to downtown.
• The only access to the village is by boat.

11. affectionately adv. 親切地
• When Lisa saw her son, she affectionately embraced him.

12. sample vt. 品嚐
• While many of the customers sampled the chocolates, few of them bought any.

13. forgo vt. 放棄
三態為:forgo, forwent, forgone。
• Linda decided to forgo going to the movies for a while in order to save more money.

1. depend on…  仰賴……
• True friends are the ones that you can depend on in times of need.

2. be in demand  有需求的;很搶手的
• The software was already in high demand months before it was officially released.

3. get underway  開始
• The tournament got underway last Friday.

4. in attendance  出席,參加
• A lot of Jeff’s friends were in attendance at his birthday party last weekend.

5. on behalf of…  代表……
• The charity raised money on behalf of the orphans.

6. be comprised of…  由……組成
• This committee is comprised of 15 members.

7. date back to + 時間  回溯至(某時)
date back + 一段時間  回溯至(一段時間)前
• This church dates back to the 15th century.
• This antique vase dates back hundreds of years.


water-resistant a.(指布料等)抗水∕防潑水的
• The personal stereo has a water-resistant outer case.
-resistant(抗……的)和 proof(防……)都可接在名詞之後形成複合形容詞,但意思略有不同,以下說明兩者之間的差異:
a. -resistant 表示「抗……的」,但抵擋的程度較低,並非 100%,僅在某種程度上能夠抵擋。常見的此類複合詞有︰
• The emergence of drug-resistant bacteria has scientists worried.
• Botanists have finally succeeded in developing a disease-resistant strain of wheat.
*botanist n. 植物學家
b. proof 則表「防……的,耐……的」,抵擋的程度較全面,為 100%。常見的此類複合詞有︰
• My electronic watch is waterproof, so I can go swimming with it.
• Most of the buildings constructed these days are made with fireproof materials.

As massive amounts of white flower petals blanket the ground, the spectacular Tung Blossom Festival gets underway, bringing joy and renewal to all.
For those wishing to see the "May snow," as fallen tung blossoms are affectionately known, there are also numerous scenic trails and easy-access itineraries practically island-wide.
介紹 as 當連接詞時的四種用法
※ as 作副詞連接詞時,表「隨著……」或「當……的時候」,即等於 when 之意。(如上面第一句用法)
• The actor has become more attractive as he has gotten older.
※ as 也可表「正如」,用於所說的話已為人所知或前面已經提過時。(如上面第二句用法)
As Napoleon once said, attack is the best method of defense.
As I explained in the email I sent you, we are processing a refund for you.
※ as 尚可作「因為」解,相當於 because 之意。
As / Because Lily has apologized to me, I’m going to forgive her.
※ as 亦可作「雖然」解,等於 though,有下列句型變化:
As skillfully as Andy drives, he doesn’t have a driver’s license.
= Skillfully as Andy drives, he doesn’t have a driver’s license.
= Though Andy drives skillfully, he doesn’t have a driver’s license.

spectacle n. 壯觀的場面
colonial a. 殖民(地)的
hilly a. 丘陵的
settlement n. 村落;定居地
synthetic a. 合成的;人造的
heartfelt a. 真誠的;感人的
heritage n. 遺產
petal n. 花瓣
renewal n. 更新;重建
inauguration n. 開始;就職典禮
festivity n. 慶祝活動
itinerary n. 旅遊行程
highlight n. 最精彩的部分
sumptuous a. 奢華的
culinary a. 烹飪的
refreshments n. 點心∕茶點(恆用複數)
off-limits  禁止進入的



  每年春天的四月中旬至五月中旬之際,客家人珍惜、慶祝並分享他們的文化遺產。隨著大量的白色花瓣如地毯般鋪在地上(編按:本句原文使用 amounts 而非 numbers 來接複數名詞,係因語意所需而形成的搭配,表整體數量而非個別數目),壯觀的桐花祭展開,為眾人帶來歡樂和復甦。自該慶典從 2002 年開辦以來,已從一天的活動轉變成為期一個月、遍及全島的慶典,每年有數百萬人參與。根據傳統,這個盛典是代表客家人與這些花朵向守護神靈的獻祭。
  在你所選的客家村落漫步,並且別錯過慶典的重頭戲 ── 品嚐奢華的佳餚和點心吧!

1. 關於油桐樹對於客家人在歷史與文化上的重要性,下列敘述何者正確?
(A) 客家人曾種植並販售桐花。
(B) 客家人曾販售油桐樹籽油。
(C) 客家人持續栽種油桐樹。
(D) 客家人將油桐樹引進臺灣。

2. 下列關於桐花祭的敘述何者錯誤?
(A) 它於四月及五月舉行。
(B) 這項傳統包含了精神或宗教層面。
(C) 這項傳統可追溯至日治時期。
(D) 數百萬人參加這個活動。

3. 根據本文第三段,何者是某些賞花地區可能的缺點?
(A) 其中一些地區有著可以被忽略的些微不便之處。
(B) 因為主要的賞花地點離臺北很遠,所以不太方便。
(C) 許多主要的賞花地點位於私有地。
(D) 山徑的不易抵達使得某些選擇較不吸引人。

4. 從最後一段最可能推論出何者?
(A) 在慶典上有供應美味佳餚和甜點。
(B) 有些客家村落不會為這項活動準備食物。
(C) 許多客家村落禁止遊客進入。
(D) 大多數參加慶典的遊客傾向於放棄食物供品。
1. B 2. C 3. D 4. A


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