Running toward the Screams: Heroes in White Helmets 百萬人民的希望 ── 白盔鬥士

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2017/03/21 第306期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱


Running toward the Screams: Heroes in White Helmets 百萬人民的希望 ── 白盔鬥士

by Evan Witkowski

When the bombs go off in Syria, these brave souls are the angels of mercy that rescue the wounded.

  Digging through cement rubble for hours and finding an infant still alive underneath all the debris is not a job for the weak-hearted. But that’s just what the men and women who volunteer for the Syrian Civil Defence have signed up for — rescuing people from areas that are being destroyed by ongoing war and bloodshed. Known as the White Helmets for their ubiquitous headgear, the group is responsible for saving the lives of more than an estimated 60,000 people since the conflict in Syria started in 2011. The Quran says, "To save a life is to save all of humanity," so it’s no wonder that the White Helmets look upon those words as their motto.
  Their work has been described as the most dangerous job in the world. Many attacks in Syria are "double taps," where an airstrike drops bombs, and then planes come back a while later to drop another, often more deadly barrage, on the same spot. These attacks wipe out the first responders to the explosion. After the deep rumbling of detonations has subsided, the White Helmets go to work trying to rescue the victims of the attack regardless of their religion, race, or affiliation.
  It’s this dedication to bravery and the sanctity of human life that earned the White Helmets a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for their continued service in the face of such horror. Made up of ordinary people with no military training like bakers, tailors, teachers, and other Syrian civilians, the 3,000 volunteers of the White Helmets put their lives on the line to save others. They might be the most popular Nobel Prize nominees after garnering support from 133 organizations from around the world.

1. What is another name for the Syrian Civil Defence?
(A) The Nobel Prize.
(B) Double taps.
(C) White Helmets.
(D) The Quran.
2. How many lives have been saved by the Syrian volunteers?
(A) Over 60,000.
(B) 3,000 civilians.
(C) Around 133.
(D) 2,011 first responders.
3. According to the second paragraph, what is a "double tap"?
(A) When planes return to drop more bombs on the first responders.
(B) When two people are rescued from the debris by volunteer workers.
(C) When two bombs explode at the same time.
(D) A Syrian expression that means "to rescue someone."
4. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Syria has been in violent conflict since 2011.
(B) The Syrian Civil Defence Units are trained military experts.
(C) White Helmets are one of the most popular Nobel Prize nominees.
(D) Working in a war zone makes the volunteers’ job the most dangerous in the world.


rubble n. 瓦礫堆(集合名詞,不可數)
the weak-hearted  膽小的人
weak-hearted a. 膽小的
bloodshed n. 流血;殺戮
ubiquitous a. 無所不在的
motto n. 座右銘
airstrike n. 空襲
barrage vt. 猛攻,不斷攻擊
detonation n. 爆炸(聲)
affiliation n. 隸屬
衍: affiliate vt.(使)隸屬於(常用被動語態)
sanctity n. 尊嚴;神聖

  1. go off  (炸彈)爆炸;(警報)響起
    The bomb went off, killing lots of people on the spot.
    *on the spot  當場
    The fire alarm went off and started a panic.
  2. sign up for…  報名參加……,註冊……
    I’m going to sign up for a course on English literature this semester.
  3. be responsible for…  負責……
    The four bodyguards were responsible for the safety of the singer.
  4. an estimated + 數字 + 複數名詞  估計有……
    An estimated 500 people showed up for the 10 free iPods the store was giving away.
    估計有五百人為了十臺免費贈送的 iPod 來到店裡。
  5. It’s no wonder that + S + V  難怪/怪不得……
    同: No wonder + S + V
    It is no wonder that the remote control doesn’t work. The batteries are dead.
  6. wipe out…  徹底毀滅……
    The government sent in an elite fighting unit to wipe out the rebels.
    *rebel n. 叛軍
  7. in the face of…  面對……
    It would be an act of cowardice not to stand up and protect your family in the face of danger.
    *cowardice n. 膽小
  8. put / lay sth on the line  使某物陷入危險
    Firefighters put their lives on the line every day.

The Quran says, "To save a life is to save all of humanity," so it’s no wonder that the White Helmets look upon those words as their motto.
look upon A as B  將 A 視作 B
同: see A as B
= regard A as B
= view A as B
= think of A as B
= consider A (to be) B
I try to look upon every mistake I make as a valuable lesson.
*valuable a. 珍貴的
We all consider Bill (to be) a responsible person.

  1. helmet n. 頭盔;安全帽
    Always wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle.
  2. soul n. 人;靈魂
    衍: not a soul in sight  半個人都沒看到
    There was not a soul in sight when I got there.
  3. mercy n. 仁慈
    衍: be at the mercy of…  受……的支配;在……的掌握中
    Each year between July and November, Taiwan is at the mercy of typhoons.
  4. rescue vt. & n. 拯救
    衍: come to sb’s rescue  拯救某人
    Luckily, we were able to rescue the deer that was caught in a hunter’s trap.
    Kelly came to my rescue when I almost lost faith in myself.
  5. wounded a. 受傷的
    The wounded soldier was hospitalized for several weeks.
    *hospitalize vt. 使住院(常用被動語態)
  6. infant n. 嬰兒
    Those firefighters saved an infant from the apartment fire.
  7. debris n. 破瓦殘礫(不可數)
    The rescuers heard a low moan from beneath the debris of the collapsed building.
    *moan n. 哀嚎聲,抱怨聲
  8. conflict n. 衝突;牴觸
    The two countries have been in conflict with each other since the beginning of the century.
  9. first responder  第一線救難人員
  10. rumble vi. 隆隆響(本文為動名詞作名詞使用)
    I’m so hungry that my stomach is rumbling.
  11. subside vi. 平息;消退
    After the laughter subsided, there was an extended silence.
  12. nomination n. 提名
    衍: nominee n. 被提名人,入圍者
    After a fierce competition, Casey won the nomination as candidate for mayor.
    Do you know the nominees for the Academy Award for Best Actor?
  13. tailor n. 裁縫師
  14. garner vt. 獲得
    The doctor garnered many awards for his work with the blind.

百萬人民的希望 ── 白盔鬥士
  在水泥廢墟中挖掘數個小時並在所有破瓦殘礫之下找到仍活著的嬰兒,這樣的工作不適合膽小的人。但這正是那些自願加入敘利亞民防組織的男男女女挺身面對的 ── 從受到持續不斷的戰爭與流血衝突所蹂躪的地區中拯救人們。該組織因其隨處可見的頭盔而被稱為白盔救援隊,他們從 2011 年敘利亞衝突開始以來,已救了大約六萬多人的生命。可蘭經說:『拯救一個生命即是拯救全人類。』因此,也難怪白盔救援隊將那些話視為他們的座右銘。

1. 敘利亞民防組織的另一個名稱為何?
(A) 諾貝爾獎。
(B) 雙擊行動。
(C) 白盔救援隊。
(D) 可蘭經。
題解:根據本文第一段,該組織(敘利亞民防組織)因其隨處可見的頭盔而被稱為白盔救援隊,故 (C) 項應為正選。

2. 敘利亞自願者至今救過多少人?
(A) 六萬多人。
(B) 三千個公民。
(C) 大約一百三十三人。
(D) 兩千零一十一名第一線救難人員。
題解:根據本文第一段,白盔救援隊從 2011 年敘利亞衝突開始以來,已救了大約六萬多人的生命,故 (A) 項應為正選。

3. 根據本文第二段,『雙擊行動』意思為何?
(A) 當戰機再次飛回來,對第一線救難人員投擲更多炸彈。
(B) 當兩個人被志工從瓦礫堆中救出來。
(C) 當兩顆炸彈同時爆炸。
(D) 一個表示『營救某人』的敘利亞用詞。
題解:根據本文第二段,『雙擊行動』也就是一場空襲會先投下炸彈,接著戰機在不久後會回來在同樣的地點投擲另一波炸彈,這些攻擊殲滅了那些前往這些爆炸地點的第一線救難人員,故 (A) 項應為正選。

4. 下列敘述何者錯誤?
(A) 敘利亞從 2011 年以來就一直處在暴力衝突中。
(B) 敘利亞民防組織都是經過訓練的軍事專家。
(C) 白盔救援隊是最受歡迎的諾貝爾被提名者之一。
(D) 在戰區工作使得這項自願者的工作成為全球最危險的工作。
題解:根據本文最後一段,白盔救援隊的三千名自願者是由像是烘焙師、裁縫師、老師及其他敘利亞公民等沒有受過軍事訓練的平凡人所組成,與 (B) 項敘述不符,故為正選。

答案:1. C 2. A 3. A 4. B

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